Author Guidelines


Ensure that the manuscript submitted to the Sosio Agribis Scientific Journal has met the established standards and will be reviewed before publication.

  1. Guiding Principles:  Acceptable manuscripts will meet the following general criteria: the manuscript reports a useful contribution to science, the methodology used, the use of clear and correct theory, and previous research under discussion. Conclusions are supported by concise and well-written data and manuscripts.
  2. Manuscript Format:  Here is a template for drafting the manuscript, please download it here. 
  3. Review Process:  All manuscript manuscripts are reviewed by qualified reviewers and the editorial team. Feedback submissions will be made less than 2 weeks after submission and acceptance decisions will take less than 2 months after submission.   
  4. Plagiarism Policy:  Intentional or not, plagiarism is a serious offence. Plagiarism is copying ideas, text, data and other creative works (e.g. tables, figures and graphs) and presenting them as original research without making exact citations. Any evidence of plagiarism found before/after acceptance or after publication of the paper will imply a chance for rebuttal.