Journal History

Jurnal Ilmiah Kedokteran Wijaya Kusuma (JIKW) originally created in 2007. In the same year registered ISSN by LIPI with ISSN number 1978-2071, published in print and have not been reviewed by Mitra Bestari. In the following year JIKW published regularly but has not been consistent. In the years 2012 - 2016, JIKW published regularly every year and reviewed by Mitra Bebestari (reviewer), but still published offline. In 2017, we improve JIKW by online or Open Journal Systems (OJS). The entire management both admission and review the article done by online system. Publication of journals every year twice the amount of 6 articles each time of issue. Published articles have increased in number (10-13 articles) each issue  since 2018. On March 2019, we registered in DOI. April 2019, we are listed on the DOAJ index journal. JIKW published by the Research and Community Service Department (LPPM) of University of Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya. JIKW has been changed its cover twice. The first cover has been established since early publication of this journal. Newest Cover were updated that colour setting brighter and Modern than older one.